The science
of building.

It’s what’s inside
that counts.

Automated. Integrated. Dedicated. Our 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility puts complete production of all H+ME Technology building materials under one roof. Here, every floor and wall panel is precision engineered, and every door and window location is checked for square. Using machinery imported from Europe, each component of your home is made and assembled with robotic accuracy in our plant, then stored in a controlled environment for just-in-time delivery to the jobsite. That means less room for error, at every step along the way.

Quality and attention to detail – down to the smallest nail.

Nearly 40,000 nails are used in the construction of a typical H+ME Technology home. Here too, we pay extra attention to the types of nails we use, and how we use them. All nails destined for H+ME Technology homes are pre-screened in our facility, to make certain they meet our standards for quality, strength, durability and corrosion-resistance. What’s more, all nails are applied using automated processes for greater construction accuracy.

Wood: the most important building material in your new home.

H+ME Technology obtains all of the wood we use in our homes from a select group of approved vendors, and we test each new shipment in our facility before it ever reaches your home—screening each batch for moisture, warping and other imperfections. Any wood that does not meet our standards is immediately returned to the supplier.