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H+ME Technology
200 Brockport Dr,
Etobicoke, ON
M9W 5C9

It’s not just a house.
It’s a H+ME.

Imagine an entirely new approach to homebuilding – where every system and component within the structure is designed to perform in perfect harmony with the others. Where all of the framing is manufactured to the most stringent specifications in a single, state-of-the-art plant. And where every step of your home’s construction, and everything used in its construction, is precisely planned, produced, measured, tested and accounted for. PLAY THE VIDEO TO DISCOVER MORE

by design.

Adapted from technology first developed in Germany and Sweden, the H+ME approach applies thoroughly modern solutions to traditional construction challenges. DESIGN: READ MORE

The science
of building.

Automated. Integrated. Dedicated. Our 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility puts complete production of all H+ME Technology building materials under one roof. MANUFACTURING: READ MORE

Built better here, too.

Precision production inside our dedicated plant, means more precise construction on the jobsite. EXECUTION: READ MORE

A home
with a future.

Energy efficiency and environmental responsibility aren’t just add-ons for H+ME Technology; they’re designed into every home we build right from the very start. INVESTMENT: READ MORE

The ultimate benefit:
peace of mind.

Discover the benefits of owning a home built with H+ME Technology BENEFITS: READ MORE