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Quality Assurance

Home construction in Ontario can boast a long and solid reputation for excellence. Our goal, every day, is to take that commitment to quality to the next level.

At H+ME Technology we strive to create and deliver the highest possible quality homes, and that is entrenched in every single aspect of our process. You’ll likely never see behind your walls or under your floors, but here’s a glimpse of what quality assurance means to us – from material delivery through to the finished home on site.

Our intensive focus on quality begins with the wood we select to purchase. But how we treat that wood once it arrives at our state-of-the-art facility is of equal importance.

“We have a stringent program in place for when our materials physically arrive on our doorstep,” says Paul Askett, director of operations. “We check the engineered wood – the joists, rim boards, sheathing, and so on – to ensure every board meets the requirements for material standards. afghanistan And all products are inspected for compromises, such as wane, worm holes, decay, sap pockets or mold. And we examine the pieces for quality, accuracy and consistency of the cuts themselves, to determine if they are clean or jagged.”

Despite the highly automated environment of the production line, our dedicated operators closely oversee the process at every stage, including the validation of raw material specifications to ensure they meet our tolerance requirements. “They’re also checking how the material is being placed, the degree, the angle, the tightness of the joinery, the position of the hangers, and so on,” says Askett. “It’s all closely noted.”

How closely? The equipment is maintained through a continuous total preventative maintenance and calibration program. Each process has its own quality control validation and operators are continuously trained and certified to ensure our product meets or exceeds specification prior to shipping to our customer.

That underlines a key differentiator of H+ME Technology quality assurance method: it’s directly connected to the controlled environment of our facility, says Kamal Sabaratnam, vice president of H+ME Technology. “Should we discover a questionable piece during production, it immediately gets pulled out,” says Sabaratnam. “With conventional construction, on the other hand, the builder might proceed with lumber that may have been impacted by weather – or by one of the aforementioned compromises – having remained outdoors for a period of time.”

We have an ingrained passion for constant improvement that even goes beyond the completed work. We are continually seeking ways to make the better product: we gather the designers who worked on a home and the customer who bought it, and ask them for suggestions. We’ll then look to implement solutions on the very next build.

“It’s like this: A house is one of the biggest investments a person or family will make in their lifetime,” says Askett. “Just to have that assurance that it was built with quality, I think it speaks for itself.”