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H+ME Technology
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Etobicoke, ON
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by design.

Developed in Europe.
Made for Canada.

Adapted from technology first developed in Germany and Sweden, the H+ME approach applies thoroughly modern solutions to traditional construction challenges – not only in how the structure is designed, but also in the way the building components are produced and how the home is constructed on site.

It isn’t just new for new’s sake. The benefits of the H+ME system to buyers are tangible, measurable and real. Benefits like increased energy efficiency. Consistently true walls and floors. Quality-controlled materials, and precision robotic framing. And meticulously harmonized systems. In short: no deficiencies, and no compromises.

Design and engineering,
in perfect harmony.

Our architect begins with a vision – and our proprietary 3D modelling system then turns that vision into a fully functioning reality. With the help of this advanced building design software, developed specifically for the H+ME Technology process, we are able to virtually construct and then de-construct each new home design, piece by piece. From the overall structure and layout, to the specifics of heating and ventilation, electrical and plumbing, everything is analyzed and optimized before a single board is cut or nail is fastened.

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Design and engineering
in perfect harmony

Our holistic approach ensures
optimal performance from
every component of your
home—both individually,
and as part of the overall
building system.

home technology construction sample image


With the lowest possible margin for error,
resulting in greater structural integrity,
consistently true walls and floors, and more.